Catalytic Converter Theft and Fuel Theft Alarm Systems by Tucksecure

Trucksecure is the leading UK Manufacture of  Fuel Theft and Catalytic Converter Alarm System designed for all types of vehicles. Trucksecure are the transport security division of Smart Electronic Technologies, who  over 35 years have designed high level security products for many household names including M&S, Bosch, Royal Mail.

Being the first UK Manufacturing company to develop a Fuel Theft and Catalytic Converter Alarm System, we believe that Trucksecure is the only real solution that actively protects your vehicle.

Companies that will benefit from the Trucksecure product range:

  • HGV, Lorry and Truck fleet owners
  • Van fleet owners & Commercial fleet owners
  • Van Dealers & Van Rental Companies
  • Car Rental Companies
  • Mini Bus Hire Companies
  • Plant Vehicles
  • Camper van owners

About TANK Guard and CAT Guard Alarm Systems

TANK Guard fuel theft alarm system: TANK Guard is a fuel tank alarm system designed to work in conjunction with your existing fuel security devices such as locking fuel cap or anti-syphon device. TANK Guard is easily installed using our  approved dealer network, find out who your local approved dealer is by visiting our dealers page.

CAT Guard catalytic converter alarm system: CAT Guard is a catalytic converter alarm system designed to deter any would-be thief who attempts to remove the exhaust or steal the catalytic converter. CAT Guard is easily installed  using our  approved dealer network, find out who your local approved dealer by visiting our dealers page.

Why Fuel Theft and Catalytic Converter Theft is a real threat to your business!

  • Repair and Replacement cost
  • Driver downtime
  • Unhappy customers and Loss of business

CAT Guard  has additional outputs to trigger other security devices. For example these outputs may be used to protect the spare wheel or to trigger an alarm if the bonnet catch is released.

Trucksecure offers you the only real solution that is designed to actively protect your vehicle.

Buy Online Today through our online shop or find your local approved dealer who are qualified and trained to install TANK Guard and CAT Guard Alarm Systems throughout the UK and Ireland. Visit our approved dealer locator to locate your local friendly approved dealer.

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What our customers say

"We thought we would write to say how pleased we are after buying your product CAT Guard. It has put own minds at ease since its been fitted to our motorhome, after the theft our Catalytic Converter on our Motor Home. The contents of the Box was complete, the step by step instruction easy to follow and we are very satisfied with your product. Many thanks for great service received from yourself and Trucksecure."
Martin & Georgina Bournemouth - Motor Home Owner (February 2012)

"We have now installed the CAT Guard alarm on our motorcaravan. It's actually been working since 2 January, we've been away the whole time and came back to discover all is well - so that is a result! See our work at:"
Ian Lang - Motocaravan Owner (February 2012)

"I have now fitted the CAT Guard Alarm System to my Pickup Truck and I am very happy with the results. Installation was, as your leaflet suggested pretty straightforward. It only too a few hours. The CAT Guard alarm worked first time so no need for technical support. Let’s hope the device proves to be sufficient deterrent and thieves go for easier targets. I will certainly be recommending your product to others who own similar at risk vehicles."
Alan Hutchinson - Pickup Truck Owner (January 2012)

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